Vienna-based journalist covering the politics, culture and Jewish life of Austria and beyond

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    Liam Hoare

    Europe Editor, moment magazine

    I am an award-winning Vienna-based journalist covering politics, culture, and Jewish life in Europe. I am currently Moment Magazine's Europe Editor and the author of The Vienna Briefing, a weekly newsletter on current events in Austria. I contribute regularly to The New Statesman and The Jewish Chronicle and write essays on and reviews of Israeli literature for Fathom. I have previously written for The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, Politico, The Daily Beast, Slate, Ha'aretz, The Jerusalem Post, and The Times of Israel among others. My work in German has been published in the Standard, Presse, Wiener Zeitung, and Jüdische Echo.


    In 2022, my Moment Magazine feature "David Duke Abroad" placed first in two categories at the American Jewish Press Association's Simon Rockower Awards, winning the David Frank Award for Excellence in Personality Profiles and the Award for Excellence in Writing About Antisemitism.


    I graduated with an MA in History from University College London's School of Slavonic and East European Studies in 2011. I am a contributor to the forthcoming book Amos Oz: The Legacy of a Writer in Israel and Beyond (SUNY Press, 2023).

  • Politics

    Based in Vienna, I report on Austria and the wider region for English-language publications and write commentaries in German for Austrian newspapers. Since 2017, I have interviewed Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz and covered rising illiberalism in central Europe.

    Jewish Life

    On the ground in Jewish communities from Paris to Prishtina, since 2011 I've been uncovering the social, political and cultural issues enlivening and bedeviling Jewish Europe from the new anti-Semitism to the Jewish renaissance in post-communist eastern Europe.


    From literature to food to theatre, my profiles, book reviews, and literary essays range in subject from the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy to the NENI restaurant empire and an interview with Amos Oz.


    Meeting and interviewing LGBT activists across Europe, I have written a series of articles on the precarious position of queer communities for Slate called "What's It Like To Be Gay In...?"

  • My Work

    Below are examples of my published work, the rest of which can be found in my portfolio.

    Moment magazine, Spring 2021

    A feature on David Duke -- ex-Klansman and America's best-known white nationalist -- and the years he spent living, travelling, and building political connections in Europe.

    K., October 7, 2021

    A feature on the history and contemporary debate surrounding the future of Vienna's monument to its former mayor, the political antisemite Karl Lueger

    new statesman, december 3, 2021

    An assessment of former Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz's political legacy following his resignation from office

    ישי גוריון/Wikicommons

    Washington Post, April 20, 2021

    An analysis of the birth and death of the European Super League, its relationship with the coronavirus outbreak, and European soccer's long-term problems.

    Moment magazine, Spring 2020

    A profile of the playwright Sir Tom Stoppard as he prepared to debut his final and most personal play to date, Leopoldstadt.

    ישי גוריון/Wikicommons

    guardian, March 23, 2021

    A report on a memoir written by the half-brother of the Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard.

    ישי גוריון/Wikicommons

    Tel Aviv Review of Books, Spring 2020

    A review essay on the relationship between Zionism and concrete, the material that built the State of Israel.

  • These are some other projects I'm working on including my newsletter and blog

    The Vienna Briefing


    I write and curate "The Vienna Briefing," an informative and digestible weekly newsletter on current affairs in Austria for an English-speaking audience.

    Strudel, Sugar & Schlag


    I am the founder and editor of "Strudel, Sugar and Schlag," whose posts tells the stories and secrets behind Vienna's cakes, pastries, and desserts.

  • My Appearances

    In this Moment Magazine briefing, I discuss the house in which Adolf Hitler was born the Austrian government's plans to convert it into a police station.

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